Trust and fear

Fear isn’t good. It is contagious. It is like having a cold with a little fever that transmits from mothers to kids with disabilities. This fear seems genetic. And I say genetic because, when the son or the daughter with Down syndrome sees the fear in the parents, it makes it harder to enjoy an independent life. If parents could loose this fear and instead trust more their kids with Down syndrome, this fear would disappear.

Parents are sufferers. They always think something wrong will happen to us. But it this doesn’t have to be like that, because there is only one thing that makes a person with Down syndrome different from the rest: one extra chromosome and that makes us special. Every day, a step is taken to helps us have our own life. We demand the right not to depend on others, to be independent.

Why parents believe it is the end of the world? That way there are no objectives or challenges in our future. We need the same trust. If we are not trusted, what is the use of what is been done? If parents had more trust on the professionals, it would be easier for us to think about our future.

This future can’t be had because parents transmit the fear to their sons and daughters. As a result, they don’t trust themselves, they feel anguish and believe they won’t achieve anything, ever.

Here, at the Fundació, families are part of the projects. The word fear shouldn’t be in the dictionary. It shouldn’t be mentioned.

4 Comments on “Trust and fear

  1. Este me parece un tema muy interesante y periodsiticamente esta muy bien redactado pero a simple vista parece que estas hablando de uno de lo servicios de la fundación de la vida independiennte y para eso creo que ya estan ellos para la gente de a pie creo que les puede interesar más lo que podamos opinar sobre algún tema de maxima actualidad y más cercano tanto a ellos como para nosotros.

  2. Andy Trias: això no es dona només entre les persones qamb Síndrome de Down. La por es un mal que ens bloqueja a tots. Felicitats

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