“Yo También”

“Me Too” is a movie with Pablo Pineda, a young actor with Down syndrome who has a university title. He is an educational psychologist.

In the film, the actor is in a relationship with a girl. He falls progressively in love and she loves him back, but only as a friend. He realises the situation and knows that because of his condition, he can’t be in a relationship with a girl.

From this point of view, you can have relationships with whoever you want and be with whoever you like.

It is very difficult to be in a relationship with a girl because it gives you headaches. You never know what they want.

Being in a relationship with a girl with your same condition could be easier. You wouldn’t have the problem of being different or special. “Poor guy” and many other things.

Also, it is very difficult to be in a relationship because there is always trouble with the parents. Who they like and don’t like. You can go with this one, you can’t go with that one.

When you are with someone, it isn’t good to be pressured by your parents because they don’t like that person. And on the other side, to have her telling you to leave everything you are doing to be with her.

I believe that a relationship is more than having a relationship with a person with disabilities. It is about breaking the barrier of having a relationship, with or without disabilities.

The objective of having a relationship with a girl is to be happy, to have a family and kids.

Integration of people with disabilities to society has to include acceptance of relationships with whoever you like. Society has to accept it and respect how it is and with whom.

There shouldn’t be any problem for a girl or a boy with this condition, as a disability, to have a homosexual relationship, or a lesbian one, hippie or whatever type of person.

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  1. Falicitats a tots els que feu possible aquest blog. He trobat reflexions molt interessants. La pel.lícula “Yo también” és, certament, molt recomnable. Salutacions!

  2. Yo también he visto esta película y ciertamente te indentificas al momento además tiene escenas muy impactantes que segun como puede dañar a la sensibilidad sobre todo al publico que también somos como el protagonista ,al señor Sevillano le rectifico que Pablo Pineda no es actor tal y como lo subscribe en las primeras lineas de este articulo Pablo es maestro de escuela y licenciado de Malaga.

  3. La meva germana és lesbiana i també els hi va cosar d’acceptar-ho als meus pares, i jo també anava en compte a veure qui portava a casa… I amb l’amor ningú s’hi pot ficar! Si parlem de persones bones, és clar!

  4. megusto mucho la pelicula como te a emaborado con una chica blanca y megusto que tu eras muy cariñoso con la chica
    y como aido la nochevieja tus padres no tedejan que la chica
    se enabore de ti porque tu eres un chico de sindrome daun

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