Trash TV

TrashTV is a way of making TV. It uses scandal to entertain and brings out people’s ghoulish instincts. It could be defined by the themes discussed, or the people showcased. Above all, it is the distorted view used to deal with those themes and people. TrashTV is usually related to gossip shows, reality shows (like Gran Hermano or Supervivientes), talk shows (like El Diario de Patricia or A tu Lado) and soap operas.

I believe we watch these programs because there is nothing worth watching on TV. It is the only thing that distracts us and helps us forget about everything else.

Some people say they don’t watch those shows. But I believe they do, because when we talk about them, they know more about them than we do. And we ask, “didn’t you say you didn’t watch those shows?” And the person answers “I don’t watch them, but when I do zapping I find them and watch a little bit.” And I say: EXCUSES, EXCUSES.

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