Miniseries: all for the ratings?

Who doesn’t remember the series about the plane accident in Barajas? And the one just aired about the ship Alakrana? Next, will be a series about the train bombing in Atocha. This trend of airing series with the only objective of getting high ratings makes us wonder if anything goes to get the best rating. What is obvious is that one thing they achieve is to hurt the families who have tried so hard to forget. Seems like the executives and producers of Telecinco don’t care about this. They, like the rest of the TV networks, only look after their interests. It is shameful to use this kind of series for profiting. But we don’t know if the pain is at odds with fiction.

One Comment on “Miniseries: all for the ratings?

  1. M’heu recordat un programa que es va emitir a Telecinco fa molt de temps que es deia La Caja Roja on els concursants enfrentaven les seves fobies sentats en una cadira, rodejats de pantalles gegants, amb una “psicóloga” en plan “super” de GH y milerls de persones mirant el programa y recordu un señor que hi va anar que havia perdut familiars a l’accident de Spanair.
    Sóc friki de milions de series inclús les que no veu ningú, jo les anomeno chicle pel cervell,pero amb aquestes coses no es juga, jo sóc indignada total de les series de Telecinco y Antena 3 que fan reviure tals desgrácies.

    Y després del rollo…. Felicitats pel Blog, está Genial!

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