Zero tolerance in the face of abuse and gender violence

Nowadays, in life and in society, there are many problems worrying us. Be it the economic crisis or unemployment. But there is something, with which we have to live every day. I’m talking about abuse and gender violence, a subject many of us are against. Every time more and more of us support women in denouncing the attacker without fear.

Draws our attention those TV characters, the ones called by the own TV shows to tell their stories or their experiences, who usually play down the subject when it is brought up. They pretend to cash in with this problem of national interest. We drop our heads in shame. While many women unjustly die in the hands of their partners, those who should be giving example are using the subject in gossip TV shows in prime time.

We are tired of watching news related with abuse and gender violence every day. We want to join those voices that demand zero tolerance of abuse and gender violence. This society shouldn’t accommodate offenders, much less, give them more TV time. And even less, profiting on this subject that concerns us all.

4 Comments on “Zero tolerance in the face of abuse and gender violence

  1. Hola Fracisco, quería comentarte una cosa.
    Conozco casos que el hombre sale mal parado cuando tiene problemas con la mujer, y en el jusgado siempre le dan más la razón a ellas. Es injusto que por ser hombre tengan que ser injustos. Cuando a veces la culpa la tiene la mujer.

  2. yo estoy sufriendo desde hace 8 años maltrato psicologico de uno de los chicos de la fundacion del apartado ¿ quedamos ? y que acaba de entrar ahora tengo suerte porque no estoy en ese grupo ya que yo voy a otro centro de ocio muy diferente que él tambien suele venir me gustaria saber como se puede parar de sufrirlo pues hace daño.

  3. Debes “pasar” de su presencia, ignorarlo y mantenerte dentro del grupo que a tí te agrada, seguro que tus amigos y personas que te quieren te ayudaran a superar este problema, y si se mantiene su maltrato psicologico, comentalo a los resposables del grupo, que seguro encontraran una solucion.

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