A visit to Dali’s Museum

A few days ago I went to Figueres, and as expected, I went to Dali’s Museum. I was lucky because I went after lunch and very few people were there. I didn’t have to wait in line. To see it all you need at least an hour and a half. The more people in there the more it takes you to see it all. There are eight rooms, four to the left and the other four to the right. You finish tired from all that walking and with your feet sore, but it is worth it.

The museum seems small, but once inside it, it seems big. In its middle is a courtyard with an antique car.

In the small rooms there are several small drawings in black and white. His works are a delight, full of charm. They reflect the obsession he had for his wife, Gala and all his eccentricities. An example is a picture of a naked woman with open drawers all over her body. It had a great impact on me.

At the end of the visit I didn’t know how to exit the museum. There are several exits, a good place to get lost. It was not easy to leave.

But there was still more. The entry included a small museum with sculptures made by him, jewelry with bright, quirky objects and also his own niche with his full name. I was shocked wondering if his body was in there or it was just fiction.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not visited the Dalí Museum, what are you waiting for? I assure you, you will be speechless.

Salvador Dali is as big as a sculptor, draftsman and painter. It is suitable for everyone and if after seeing some of his works, you still want more, there is more about him in the town of Figueres. But I won’t tell, you have to enjoy the charm and mystery of Figueres yourselves.

17 Comments on “A visit to Dali’s Museum

  1. I’m sorry, but donde está? Se alcansa en avión? Me gustaría ir. Poder visitar el lugar y quedar contigo, my friend. Bye

  2. A la ciutat de Figueres hi ha escultures interesants de Dalí, objesctes i altres coses boníques i curioses. En canvi al museu no em va acabar d’agradar.
    Gràcies per l’enllaç, Sonia.

  3. Hola Isabel, te cuento:
    Puedes agarrar el avión en Figueres, no problem.
    Figueres está dentro de españa, correctamente en Catalunya. Agárrate un plano español, te será mejor. Un beso.

  4. Fui una vez al museo y para salir es un lio tremendo, hay varias salidas pero te llevan a otros rincones en el museo.
    es mejor salir por donde has entrado, sino te pierdes.

  5. hola, no sabía que hacias el bloq. ¿porqué no sale tan poco sobre tus escritos? Aver si pones más.

  6. hola sónia, com et va tot? No veig res de nou.
    A veure si els teus company fan més feina, que tens molts articles i no hi ha manera de veure res.

  7. nena !!!!!!!! realment el museu és una cucada, i ho has explicat molt bé !!!!!! quan hi torni pensaré en anar desprès de dinar, és un bon consell !!!!!!!!!

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