A new life

“I’ve taken a vey important step: I’ve moved into a shared apartment in Barcelona, in Sarrià. But I will keep on doing my own activities, ballroom dancing, ‘Protagonistas’ and this blog.”

The friendship

“Untitled” Carlota Conejero Friendship, in Spanish “Amistad”, from the Latin amicus: friends, derives in Amore: to love. It is an emotional relationship between two or more people. Friendship is one of the most common relationships that most people… Read More

Return Operation, back to rutine

(Català) (Español) Ya no hay vuelta atrás. Las vacaciones han quedado como recuerdo y tan solo nos quedan las fotos, muestras de ello, para ver y recordar lo que hemos hecho durante estos días veraniegos. Paradojas que tiene la vida.

Independent life

Since I’ve been living alone and doing what I like, I move around freely. I can be myself and take my own decisions. I feel like other people pay more attention to my opinions and decisions, they take… Read More