Independent life

Since I’ve been living alone and doing what I like, I move around freely. I can be myself and take my own decisions. I feel like other people pay more attention to my opinions and decisions, they take them into account and respect them more.

Having this freedom, makes me ask for advise regarding a lot of things before doing them. In case I’m doing them wrong. The thing is, I’m not always so sure of myself. Anyway, I’m confident living alone because I count with the support of the Fundació and the personnel in charge of helping me. I can express myself and talk about things that worry or anguish me. They help me, advise me and give me support.

However, I should also mention the chores, responsibilities and obligations that imply living independently. I had to acquire new habits and ways of doing things I didn’t have before and now I have to do it daily. With the help of the support people we develop strategies for carrying out responsibilities and for getting things done. Then, I have to keep doing all that every day, both at work and at home.

To live an independent life means to grow as a person and feel satisfied with yourself, being the owner of your own life. Since I live alone I feel kinder, nicer and more respectful with others. In short, I feel a lot happier, joyful and in love.

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  1. hola emdic mireia, us escric perque no acabo de entendre com está posat el vostre bloq, em seria més útil si possessiu el títul amb el nom de la persona i en un sól clic es veiés l’escrit.Gràcies

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