The power of music

  Music is a very important part of life, especially because you can relate to it. When we don’t dare to say things in person, we can say anything with a song. Music can be relaxing and music… Read More

(Català) L’essèr humà en perill d´extinció

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Recount before the anniversary

    Image: Karim Adduchi In this life I have seen many things and not all I have liked. Not everything I’ve touched has turned out well, sometimes I felt I had more flaws than virtues and I… Read More

Las Fallas from Valencia

      Speaking of parties is impossible not to remember Las Fallas, which, along with the carnival, are the best known pagan festivals. Las Fallas are a nice tradition. Year after year, the city of Turia is… Read More

Immediate Solutions for Labor Reform

    I’m sure all of you have heard of the labor reform. This time they have gone too far and as always, we the workers will pay the price. This time entrepreneurs will be rubbing their hands,… Read More