Las Fallas from Valencia




Speaking of parties is impossible not to remember Las Fallas, which, along with the carnival, are the best known pagan festivals.

Las Fallas are a nice tradition. Year after year, the city of Turia is dressed in their finest ornaments to celebrate them and employ many of those who participate in them. Restorers also benefit with Las Fallas since their clientele grows during these festivities.

Valencia is very beautiful, especially the Valencian girls and the local cuisine.

In the city there are wonderful places to visit, although special attention deserves a place for fun, Tierra Mítica amusement park, and the oceanography center. Valencia’s Fallas are much more than a party.


* Original text in spanish

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  1. Francisco, como siempre un conquistador nato…”Valencia es muy hermosa, sobre todo las valencianas”, siempre dejando la puerta abierta.

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