Immediate Solutions for Labor Reform



I’m sure all of you have heard of the labor reform. This time they have gone too far and as always, we the workers will pay the price. This time entrepreneurs will be rubbing their hands, as it will be easier for them to fire us. On top of that, they can modify the workday, the tasks and wages of the employee. That’s just the beginning, not to mention that they can make an ERE (Record of Employment Regulation) or a dismissal for absenteeism even if the absence is justified.

I have a question. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to fire chiefs and higher officials than workers? Why are always the workers who pay? It would be nice if Mr. Rajoy borrowed Harry Potter magic wand and use it to enlighten the workers. Where have our rights gone? At this rate we are bringing the country down and we will all sink. We want IMMEDIATE solutions.

2 Comments on “Immediate Solutions for Labor Reform

  1. Queremos a Sonia Ripoll de presidenta ni Suarez, Felipe Gonzalez, Aznar, Zapatero y Rajoy no han sabido sacar soluciones pero ella si ella es la presidenta que nos
    hace falta.

  2. Me gusta tu comentario, Francisco. Me has echo reir. Gracias por alagarme. Mucha gente piensa como yo, espero que se haga justicia.

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