Theater review: La Cubana

The theater company La Cubana is presenting the play “Campanades de Boda” (Wedding bells) at the Tívoli Theater in Barcelona. It is about weddings and all the nervousness related to them. They approach it through humor.

When I went to see the play, most people arrived in buses and many of them were over seventy years old. My friend Àstrid and I were intrigued about this.

It was my first time seeing this theater company, and I expected to laugh more than I did. However, the play is not bad at all.

In “Campanades de Boda” they play a lot with the colors and the dresses in all scenes. The scenography is one of the most relevant features of the play. They also ask the public to participate giving away Pamela hats and flowers as if they were in a real wedding.

As they would put it: a Costumbrismo ( comedy in the manner of vaudeville. But I would just call it a rampage comedy.

*Original text in catalan.

3 Comments on “Theater review: La Cubana

  1. Sembla que no vas disfrutar massa Sònia. A mi personalment els espectacles de La Cubana em fan una mica de mandra justament per ser tan esverats i pel risc de que et facin fer el pallasso sense tenir-ne ganes.

  2. hola reina, ja veig que al final et va tot bé. Ja t’ho vaig dir que potser no t’agradaria.

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