Guardiola, a la VI trobada d'usuaris de famílies

Pep Guardiola: a lot more than a trainer

Guardiola, a la VI trobada d'usuaris de famílies

Guardiola, at the la VI reunion of members and families of the Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down

As we know, behind a great team always seems to be a great coach. FC Barcelona has always been more than a club, whoever the coach. But, during the four seasons in which Guardiola has worked for the club, he has shown he has been much more than a coach. A great example to follow. A clear leader who has given everything in every game.
Since we have known him, even when he was a player, he has always been a symbol for Barça. Since then he has shown that the key to success lies in team play well above the individuals.
Pep’s farewell was another success. He knows that after four seasons winning everything, he is worn out both physically and mentally. For many this is not a final goodbye, it’s just a timely retreat. And his deputy, Tito Vilanova, will continue in the same line. He is in the best position to start from scratch and win it all again.
Until this happens we will see a transition as the arch-rivals Real Madrid team enjoys the fact that it ended the Blaugrana hegemony. Until we get back to our former heights.
The cry is unanimous when we say: Thank you, Pep! for giving us so much in so little time. From the heart of Barça we will continue leaving the door open, like our hearts.

*Original text in catalan.

2 Comments on “Pep Guardiola: a lot more than a trainer

  1. Paco, que bien escribes. Siemtes mucho los colores del club y eso me emociona como lo dices.
    Increíble. Continua asi, llegarás muy lejos.

  2. Eso, eso… qué bien escribes y cuánta razón tienes. Se nota que sigues el fútbol y concretamente has seguido y mucho al Barça de Guardiola a quien cómo dices le dejamos la puerta y el corazón abierto para cuando quiera volver.
    Sigue escribiendo cada semana tus artículos de temas de actualidad que tan bien haces!!!

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