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The two ends of Madrid



A few days ago I visited the city of Madrid with some friends, but like all places, there are the head and tail of a coin. From what I’ve seen in general, Madrid is a very poor place and very rich one too (The two sides of the coin).

The cathedrals, museums, ministries and even the houses are well kept and very beautiful but at the same time it is expensive. But not everything is nice, because in the center of Madrid, around the Puerta del Sol, it is full of poor people.

During the day you see people lying on the floor, or asking for money or sleeping on the streets. We were hesitant to walk by them, but we had to since our hotel was nearby.

Even in the metro we were almost robbed. There, a 10 trips subway card costs 12 euros, which costs less here in Barcelona. Now that’s a steal, no wonder people complain about how expensive it is.

Although my experience was pleasant, in Madrid there are places where you can se poverty like the famous Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Carretas St. or by the Lavapies area.

These days it was too crowded in the big city. Morning, noon and night.

We could barely sleep and the manifestations in the center of town kept us awake until the early hours of the morning. Despite this, we could make our visits to museums, parks, plazas, and other attractions.

If anyone is planning to go to the center of Spain, protect your pockets and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


* Original text in spanish.

4 Comments on “The two ends of Madrid

  1. Estoy de acuerdo con Sonia luego no nos extraña que quieran poner lo del eurovegas en la capital española para que sigamos cogiendonos de los bolsillos, maravilloso punto de vista de la ciudad de Sonia felicidades por tu articulo aunque te as dejado mencionar lo del parque warner

  2. hola Francisco, no es que me dejé de mencionar el Parque Warner. Más bien porque está a las afueras de Madrid y porque no he estado.

  3. T’ha sortit una mica negatiu aquest article. Tindries que fer-ne un altre de la part positiva del mateix viatge. Ánims.

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