Summer is here



We are in best season of the year. For a lot of us in Spain it will also be a way to face the economic crisis since I hope many tourists will visit our beaches and in that way, they will create a lot of jobs.

When we talk about summer, we immediately think about those songs we will dance at wherever we will be on vacations.

Many of us remember our “summer king”. We are referring to Georgie Dann. Who doesn’t remember songs like “El Chiringuito”? And so many of his other hit songs? How many summers have we danced to the beat of his “La Barbacoa”?

Another thing we won’t forget is that first kiss. Or the first romance that lasted just the summer.

Let’s see what happens in the summer. A way to lighten the crisis now that we are about to break a deficit record.


*Original text in spanish.

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