Grup Autogestors 'Benvinguts a casa'

Manifiesto del grupo autogestors «Benvinguts a casa»


As the self-advocacy group “Benvinguts a casa” (Welcome Home in Catalan), we have created a manifest. Here, we present here a summary where we state our personal and social objectives.
1. We have created this space to look at the world we live in and face our problems in a positive manner. We will always respect the rules we established as a group.
2. As people who receive support in our independent life we want to ​​share our experience of living independently and learn from each other.
3. As self-advocates we want to overcome our difficulties, defend our abilities, think of ways to improve our situation to be able to say who we are, where we go and what we value.
4. We are in this place to listen to others with respect, to contrast the views and take a stand in what we think is the most convenient for us.

The group is made up by: Mireia Costa, Anna Caralt, Esther Figueres, Josa Luis Tapia, Rosario Blanco, Albert Diaz, Montserrat Garcia, Olga Aranda.

* Original text in Catalan.

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