Museu Nacional del Prado

A visit to the National Museum of El Prado

I had long thought of visiting El Prado Museum and being in Madrid, I decided to go. It was a must, and we planned the visit well in advance.

We went early in the morning to avoid queues, and it was very good. If the outside looks big, inside it is even bigger. We did not know where to start; all the rooms had exhibitions of several well-known artists: El Greco, Goya, Titian, Bosch, Rubens, Velazquez and many more. Currently they have added paintings by Raphael, and I had heard about it through a Catalan television program.

The pictures are arranged by painters and chronologically by centuries, so it is easy to follow the exhibition. But it is not easy to leave the museum. You had to remember the way you took, because it is very big and has many corridors.

We could see most of the paintings, but there were places where you had to go down a lot of stairs and we were quite tired of being on our feet for 3 hours. The visit has been worthwhile, all the pictures are great and it was very nice inside the building. We did not want to face the heat that waited for us outside. Once we exited, we saw a huge queue of people waiting to enter.

El Prado Museum is a great museum to visit and it is worth the wait under the sun at 32º. We were happy we didn’t find any queue and we didn’t have to wait in the heat to get in.

* Original text in Catalan.


7 Comments on “A visit to the National Museum of El Prado

  1. Solo un pequeño detalle y es el que el museo del prado para que que sea el más visitado tan solo le hace falta aun autoretrato de la unica maravilla del mundo que yo conozco esa maravilla eres tu Sonia

  2. Jolín Francisco, me sacarás los colores. Tú también eres un encanto de persona y lo sabes.
    Ay,cuando te vea. Prepàrate.

  3. Perdon por la indiscreción pero ¿ tal vez se podria decir que por mis piropos se podría interpretar que quizás pudiera aver algun sentimiento de enamoramiento de ti hacia mi persona?

  4. Hola mi ángel, gracias por los ánimos. Lo necesitaba y lo sabes. Grácias por animarme. Eres un sol.

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