My 30 years at the Foundation


I would like to tell you about the long journey I’ve made and about my experience at the lectures I’ve given, one in Orlando, one in Dublin (Ireland’s capital city) and one in Lyon. In all of them, I’ve received a diploma for my participation. In Dublin, I gave my lecture in English. My mother was moved to tears and told me I looked very much like my father in doing it so well and so naturally. What I mean is that, with the lectures I’ve given and with a foundation like ours, this 30th anniversary of the Foundation also means for me 30 years of being part of it and collaborating with it.

I would give my life to create a foundation with a great future. But a fearless future, because it’s fear what parents feel when their son or daughter with a disability tell them that they want to live on their own.  This article intends to recall the beginnings of the Foundation and the difficult and crucial steps it had to take to become what it is today. Therefore, this article should remember all that the Foundation has done up to now.

It’s another way to thank all the workers, on behalf of all the users, for making us who we are now. Someone may think I’m being an adulator. Well, I’m not and that’s not my intention. I’m just writing a good commemorative article and I don’t think this can be a bad thing, even when I’m the Chief Executive Officer’s brother and the President’s son. I consider myself as a user more, just like any other person.

I’m just like you, no matter who my family is. We should remember the years in which the departments of the Foundation were created: in the ‘90s, “Col·labora” (the job integration service) was created, and before that, in 1987, it was the Down Medical Centre. And in 1989, the Leisure and Participation service “Let’s meet”.

The different courses that are being carried out have been created. And so was the Early Intervention. And, with the passing of time, the Independent Living Support Service “I’m going home” was created in the year 2000, and a bit later, Èxit21, the editorial board of which I’m part and the reason for which I’m writing this article.

We’ve got a group of self-managers, who used to call themselves Protagonists, now they’re called Spokespersons.

I’ve told you a lot of things but I almost forget to tell that, with the Leisure and Participation groups, we go on trips, like the Christmas trip (this year for the first time) or the famous summer trip.

As you can see, everything the Foundation does is for us, thinking of us. This article is another way to thank for making us who we are now. For me, the Foundation is more than a foundation. I know everything as if it was today. For me, it’s like my second house. These 30 years of the Foundation, are also 30 years of me being part of it. Thank you very much.

For me it’s an honour and a great pleasure to share my happiness. The Foundation, in all these years, has seen difficult and complicated moments of my life, and even so, it has managed to put itself in the shoes and in the place of others. If it was not for the Foundation, nobody would be monitoring me in my work either.

My mother has very often said to me that she didn’t create the Foundation on her own, and that’s still true. It was a group of parents who created the Foundation and who helped to let it grow.

There are people who’re no longer around and this article also intends to remember them and to thank them for creating a useful place, a place that has made possible life-long friendships. Different friendships, but we’ll always remember that, if it wasn’t for those fathers and mothers, maybe we would have to think about it and ask ourselves that the fact that the Foundation still exists is because there are parents who think about us as they used to, that we wouldn’t have our own place.



Original text in Catalan.

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  1. Olé, señor article. Andy, et poso un 10. La nota mès alta d’aquesta semana.
    Sempre m’has agradat com a persona i la forma de dir les coses. Em sembla bé que hagis trobat la teva felicitat. Per mi es un honor veure’t per la revista.

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