General terms is an internet domain and a trademark that is owned by the FUNDACIÓ CATALANA SÍNDROME DE DOWN  with an address in the city of Barcelona, zip code 08029, calle Comte Borrel, núm 201-203, entresòl, with tax number G-08.897.696 and registered in the Catalan Government’s Registry of Catalan Foundations with No. 61 (hereafter, FOUNDATION). is a web page designed in a blog format (hereafter, BLOG) where users can participate through two links: “Opinion Blog” and “Interview Blog.”

The website is directed at:

a) The public in general and especially the people who are affected by “Down Syndrome,” their relatives, friends, and others that are close to them…

b) offers its users experiences, information, and interviews with important people with the aim of sharing information, ideas, and the possibility of giving opinions through the “Opinion Blog” and the “Interview Blog.”

c) The BLOG users will be able to participate interactively on the website by registering through the applications that appear in the sections “Opinion Blog” and “Interviews Blog.”



These conditions regulate the functioning of the services of the website that the FOUNDATION has put at the disposition of the user. The use of the website supposes the full acceptance without reservation of  each and every one of the General Conditions. If the user is not in agreement with the General Conditions, then he will not have a right to use the web site that is part of the BLOG. Also, visiting the BLOG and using the options that offer information and the ability to participation presupposes the acceptance of the General Conditions.



The provision of the service of the website provided by the FOUNDATION to the user is free and does not need any previous subscription or registration. In any case, the user only needs to register when he wants to enter the section “Opinion Blog” and wants to leave a comment about articles that are offered, and when he enters the section “Interviews Blog.” In these events, the user will have to fill in the corresponding online form that has been created exclusively for these purposes- to leave an opinion with respect to articles or other postings that appear in each of the sections mentioned above.  The form for giving an opinion is governed by the Legal Notice for Data Processing.



The FOUNDATION reserves the right to at any moment unilaterally modify without previous notice the presentation or configuration of the website, as well as its services, General Conditions and Legal Notice of the Data processing.



The user promises to use the website, its contents and its services in conformity with the Law, the General Conditions, morality and public order.  In the same way, the user is obligated to not use the website, its contents and services for illicit purposes, or those contrary to the content of the General Conditions, detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties, or any way that may damage, disable, overload or cause the deterioration of the website, its content, services or hinder the normal use or enjoyment of the website for its users.

The user must not obtain information, messages, interviews, opinions, graphic commentaries, sound archives and/or or images, photographs, images, illustrations, software, brands, logos and other distinctive signs, and in general, any class of material accessible through the website or services employed by the site, media other than what is available to anyone on the internet.

The user will abstain from manipulating information identified with the Catalan Foundation for Down Syndrome of  concept “Exit 21” and as such its content and its services that it offers on its website

The user will abstain from manipulating the technical devices used for protection of content or information and in general of the configuration of the website .

The FOUNDATION reserves the right to deny access to the webpage at any time without previous notice to users who do not comply with the General Conditions and Legal Notice about Data Processing.



Whenever the user provides information of a personal nature to the FOUNDATION, he consents to the processing of it in the terms that are described below.

The FOUNDATION will try to incorporate the information given by the user into a file whose purpose is to develop user participation in the sections “Opinion Blog” and “Interviews Blog” that are part of the BLOG. Additionally, it will respond to all the questions that the user asks through e-mail that are directly related to the website Likewise, with previous consent given by the user, the FOUNDATION will be able to use the information given by him in order to keep users informed about new services that they offer.  In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999 for the Protection of Personal Information (POPI), the information kept in the files will be used for the purposes that have been described.  If the user does not want to receive information or desires to exercise his rights to access, rectification, and cancellation of the contents of the said file,  we ask you to communicate this to us by way of an e-mail sent to the address, indicating the reference POPI.  The user must provide accredited documentation of his identity.

The user will grant consent so that his information may be communicated to third parties for purposes directly related to legitimate functions of the FOUNDATION and the third parties, and in order to give attention to doubts or questions that the user has, as well as so that he may participate in the services that are posted on the website

The FOUNDATION guarantees that it will process personal information confidentially, and this will also apply to the server where it will be stored. Personal data will have the security measures necessary to avoid unauthorized access to it by third parties.



The FOUNDATION does not control nor guarantee the absence of viruses nor other elements that may produce alterations in information systems (software and hardware) or in electronic documents and storage files in information systems.  The FOUNDATION excludes any responsibility for any damages or injury of any nature that may be due to a virus or to the presence of other elements in the contents that may produce alterations in the user’s information system, electronic documents or the files.

The FOUNDATION will do everything possible to guarantee the security of information that may be provided by the users. However, it cannot guarantee that the transmission of information will be completely secure.

Without prejudice to the levels of protection, the personal information legally required, the installation of all the means and technical measures that are available to avoid the loss, improper use, alteration, non-authorized access, and theft of given information, the user knows and acknowledges that security on the internet is not guaranteed one hundred percent.

The FOUNDATION excludes any responsibility for damages and injuries of any nature that may be due to a lack of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and/or not up to date information on the website www.exit21org .



The contents of the website are the exclusive property of the FOUNDATION.  These include without limitation, graphic designs, information, messages, interviews, opinions, graphic comments, sound archives with or without images, photographs, images, illustrations, software, brands, logos and other distinctive signs that are in any of the programming languages used  or usable such as all the software that is responsible for the functioning and development of the website, the reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, made available to the public, cessation, and any other act or modality of exploitation that has not been expressly authorized by the holder of the rights that are being exploited remain strictly prohibited.

The FOUNDATON does not grant any license or authorization of any kind to use their rights to intellectual and industrial property or any other property or right related to the web page or the services and products that it offers.

In the case of contents among others, information, commentaries, images, photographs, illustrations, and other materials provided by the user to the website, the user grants to the FOUNDATION the nonexclusive right, exempt from author’s rights and/or intellectual property, in perpetuity, irrevocable and completely transferable to third parties, to utilize, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicize, translate,  create derivative services, distribute and exhibit the said contents listed above to anywhere in the world and with any type of communication. Also it will grant the FOUNDATION and its sub licensees the right to use the name that accompanies the said contents in cases of where it is related to them.

All brands and service names that appear on the website are brands registered and the property of the FOUNDATION, and in the rest of the cases are brands licensed by their legitimate owners.



The FOUNDATION declines any responsibility with respect to the information and the functionality outside the website and that is not directly managed by this website. The FOUNDATION will not under any circumstance be responsible for the use of the links on part of the users, and this includes the participation of the user on social networks that he finds through the links that appear on the BLOG.



The cookies that the Foundation uses on their website serve only to keep open the user’s session, so the presence of the cookies will serve to associate a session with an anonymous user with the purposes of providing any requested services. Once the session is done, any information that may be identified is destroyed and the cookies disappear without being stored on the hard drive of the user.



General conditions, as well as any relation between you as the user and the FOUNDATION will be governed by Spanish law.

For any litigious matter that may arise from the content of these General Conditions or from the relationship between the User and the FOUNDATION, both parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond, will submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and competency of Courts and Tribunals of the City of Barcelona.




This English translation has been possible thanks to the project Mondo Lingua : Free translation of websites for NGOs and non-profit-making organisations. A project managed by Mondo Services. Translator: Anne Seidenberg