Laia Solaz

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Cisco Mariano

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Edgar Prat

Collaborator “Èxit21 can help society realize that current events concern everyone, and people with disabilities want their voices to be heard, as well. It is providing me with a lot of knowledge every week about current events and… Read More

Cristina Morales

Redactor, camera operator and photographer “Èxit21 can help society see the world in a different way. People with disabilities are able to report on topics that are interesting to the society we live in. It will help me… Read More

Edu Mato

Camera operator “Èxit21 is a way to equalize in an unequal world. The fact that people with disabilities can be in charge of a magazine for themselves is valued by others. Èxit21 helps them to feel important and… Read More

Joana Castro

Communications Responsible of Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down “Èxit21 is an online platform for people with intellectual disabilities to share their points of view, opinions and ideas. For me the challenge is establishing Èxit21 in the right place,… Read More

Màrius Peralta

Collaborator “ÈXIT21 will be useful to society. Finally, people will learn about the opinions and life experiences of persons who have a lot to give and haven’t had the chance to do it. Until now. Personally, it gives me… Read More

Katy Trias

General Director of Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down “Èxit21 is a new opportunity for intellectually dis-ABLED people to show what they can do. Not only that, they can show their values, their illusions and challenges. There is room for… Read More

Jordi Riu

Redactor “Èxit21 could be important for society because of the way in which it allows us to get to know people with intellectual disabilities, and it gives us a voice. For me personally, Èxit21 is important because it… Read More

Sònia Ripoll

Redactor “ÈXIT21 will inform people of what is going on. Personally I wish people is happy with what I do”. Follow Sonia Ripoll: Espai Xakra.