Albert Díaz

Redactor “ÈXIT21 is a point of reflection and expression into the outside world in which I can show or express situations of my particular, social life … where I can share with my colleagues and the world in… Read More

Ariadna Capdevila

Redactor “ÈXIT21 will be useful to society by showing we have the right to live our own life. For me, it will be good to participate because I need to express what I have inside. This way I… Read More

Beatriz Ruiz

Redactor “Dedication and passion are the two qualities with which we can make ÈXIT21 great. It’s an open door to philosophy. That’s the reason why I am so passionate about this retreat; it makes me think, remember and… Read More

Sader Samb

Ex Editor in chief.  Born in the la Casamance region of southern Senegal, which has been locked in armed conflict for more than 30 years. A qualified philosopher, the Gaston Berger University of St. Louis graduate came to… Read More