One year since we reached glory

It’s the first anniversary of something we Spanish remember as if it happened yesterday. The first time in history we won a whole World Cup. We still don´t want to wake up from this dream because for once,… Read More

Miniseries: all for the ratings?

Who doesn’t remember the series about the plane accident in Barajas? And the one just aired about the ship Alakrana? Next, will be a series about the train bombing in Atocha. This trend of airing series with the… Read More

Gay pride, more than pride, it is a vindication

During the Franco era, being gay was punished like a crime. Many of them were imprisoned and before that, gays were executed, like García Lorca was. Nowadays, being gay is more than a party; it is the pride… Read More

“Yo También”

“Me Too” is a movie with Pablo Pineda, a young actor with Down syndrome who has a university title. He is an educational psychologist. In the film, the actor is in a relationship with a girl. He falls… Read More

Trust and fear

Fear isn’t good. It is contagious. It is like having a cold with a little fever that transmits from mothers to kids with disabilities. This fear seems genetic. And I say genetic because, when the son or the… Read More