What is ÈXIT21?

Above all, it’s about a tool for people with intellectual disabilities which aims to help them break into the world of the media. The idea is to answer these people’s demands with a communication project; thought of, developed and carried out by the people with disabilities themselves. The challenge is making use of new information and communication technologies to make their voices heard and to allow them to share opinions, thoughts and concerns with a diverse audience from a range of backgrounds. Ultimately, it will be about making the right to a voice a reality for all.

As well as contributing to the training of team members, Èxit2 aims to be the benchmark of communication for the Fundació Catalana Síndrome de Down (Catalan Down’s Syndrome Foundation). The ultimate aim is to help people who, simply due to their disability are unable to express their views, to learn to better communicate. This would naturally involve developing knowledge and skills relating to the practice of journalism.

* This Spanish – English translation was done by the translator Joseph Barret for the PerMondo project that involves providing free translations for NGOs. This initiative is sponsored and run by the translation agency Mondo Agit.