(Català) Una forma diferent de veure la vida

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A new life

“I’ve taken a vey important step: I’ve moved into a shared apartment in Barcelona, in Sarrià. But I will keep on doing my own activities, ballroom dancing, ‘Protagonistas’ and this blog.”

The friendship

“Untitled” Carlota Conejero Friendship, in Spanish “Amistad”, from the Latin amicus: friends, derives in Amore: to love. It is an emotional relationship between two or more people. Friendship is one of the most common relationships that most people… Read More

Independent life

Since I’ve been living alone and doing what I like, I move around freely. I can be myself and take my own decisions. I feel like other people pay more attention to my opinions and decisions, they take… Read More

One year since we reached glory

It’s the first anniversary of something we Spanish remember as if it happened yesterday. The first time in history we won a whole World Cup. We still don´t want to wake up from this dream because for once,… Read More

Gay pride, more than pride, it is a vindication

During the Franco era, being gay was punished like a crime. Many of them were imprisoned and before that, gays were executed, like García Lorca was. Nowadays, being gay is more than a party; it is the pride… Read More

“Yo También”

“Me Too” is a movie with Pablo Pineda, a young actor with Down syndrome who has a university title. He is an educational psychologist. In the film, the actor is in a relationship with a girl. He falls… Read More

Trust and fear

Fear isn’t good. It is contagious. It is like having a cold with a little fever that transmits from mothers to kids with disabilities. This fear seems genetic. And I say genetic because, when the son or the… Read More