Zero tolerance in the face of abuse and gender violence

Nowadays, in life and in society, there are many problems worrying us. Be it the economic crisis or unemployment. But there is something, with which we have to live every day. I’m talking about abuse and gender violence,… Read More

Traffic accidents: you can avoid them

When holidays arrive we look at the highways with a magnifying glass. It’s the same in summer or in Christmas. If you respect traffic signs and learn about road safety you can avoid accidents. Everybody dies anyway, but… Read More

Trash TV

TrashTV is a way of making TV. It uses scandal to entertain and brings out people’s ghoulish instincts. It could be defined by the themes discussed, or the people showcased. Above all, it is the distorted view used… Read More

Miniseries: all for the ratings?

Who doesn’t remember the series about the plane accident in Barajas? And the one just aired about the ship Alakrana? Next, will be a series about the train bombing in Atocha. This trend of airing series with the… Read More